My name is Jenna and I am the face behind icandothat design! I have a true passion for everything graphic design and that is exactly how [icd] came to life.

I have worked in both the graphic design and marketing fields in the Ohio and Virginia areas while [icd] grows on the side. I specialize in custom design services for weddings and other special events that are in need of a unique eye-popping design. 

To give you an idea of who you're working with, here are some fun facts about myself!

  • I went to The Ohio State University where I obtained my B.A. degree in Communication and Graphic Design. While at OSU, I was a member of the All-Girl Competitive Cheerleading team. Go Bucks! I have coached middle school and high school cheerleading the past two years but am taking a break this upcoming school year. 
  • My dad is one of five siblings whose names all begin with the letter 'J'. Between my aunts and uncles, there are 13 grandchildren, and all of our names begin with the letter 'J' too! No one was going to break the tradition Grandma started.
  • I have an Australian Shepherd named Zoey- she is the 5th generation of puppies that my parents bred and raised at their home in the last 35 years. Zoey has had two litters of puppies. She is definitely spoiled rotten, just the way every dog should be!
  • If I weren't a graphic designer, my dream career would include being a host on a cooking show on the Food Network. Hey, a girl can dream!

Please drop a line, I would love to design something great for you! 

Jenna Obermiller, owner and graphic designer at icandothat design

Jenna Obermiller, owner and graphic designer at icandothat design

Design is thinking made visible.
— Saul Bass